Slowly but surely…

So it’s been 8 months since I last wrote something on here and a lot has happened since then.

I’ve moved.

I’ve downsized my plants (and books, and clothes)

I haven’t made pancakes from scratch since that first time.

I am learning to be comfortable in silence

I still don’t have a personal laptop (this is coming to you from my iPad)

I also still don’t know what this blog will be about mostly because I am letting the perfectionist in me win. I am paralyzed not just with the fear of putting myself out there, but that it might not be good enough. There are students who who spend hours in a classroom criticizing people who just write their heart out in a blog post, downplaying the art form in its entirety.

So this post is a little sign of rebellion; a big fuck you to my brain because I won’t let it win. I will write whatever I want. Much like Bill Pullman rallying the troops in the movie Independence Day, I will live on and I will survive to fight another day – we won’t let perfectionism win.

Perfectly imperfect tomato from my Farmers Market

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