Hi there!

My name is Ira (ay-rah), and I’m a Senior at California State University East Bay majoring in Communications with a media concentration. I’m set to graduate by December 2016, and hoping to start a career path that would make use of my background working for different tech companies as well as organizational and creative writing skills.

Before going back to school, I’ve worked my way up the ladder for different tech companies such as Chegg.com, Minted.com, and LovewithFood.com. I gained valuable experience over the last six years, leading and training a team of agents in house, traveling internationally to open call centers, and ultimately running the whole department.

Nowadays I write for the school newspaper, The Pioneer, work on campus part-time, and spend way too much time picking the M&M’s out of trail mix bags. 


A study in Light, London UK 2015
Brighton Beach